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Integration Means Your CMS Requests ID/AML Check

Our market-leading integration means your lawyers don’t need to go onto a separate system to request Identity Checks, it can all be undertaken from one action in your existing system.

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InCase ID

NFC Chip Reading on Clients Phones

To our knowledge, we are the only provider that can use clients android or apple mobile phone to read the chips off Passports. The data on these chips is cryptographically signed by the Passport Agency, meaning you have certainty knowing the accuracy of the passport!

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Facial Recognition

Using the very latest cutting edge technology, we are able to undertake facial recognition checks on clients. Facial recognition software has been proven to be more accurate than human recognition.

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InCase ID

Our ID, AML & KYC Feature

“Probably the best level of certainty you can get!”

1. Your Client Receives A New Task In inCase To Complete The ID Check

The client ‘self-services’ the check. You don’t do anything! Our integration means that the ID check can be triggered from an action on your Case Management System, or even an automatic action in your CMS.

2. Client Uses The NFC Chip Reader In Their Phone To Scan Passport Chip

We are the only provider who can use both the Apple and Android phone chip readers to read the data that is contained within the Passport chip. Biometric Passports have now been issued for the last ten years, meaning all current passports will contain the biometric chip.

3. The Passport Agency’s Cryptographic Signature Is Obtained To Confirm Genuine Passport

The data held on the chip in the client’s passport is cryptographically signed by the passport agency. Consequently you are able to have full confidence that the data on there is accurate and can provide you with the highest level of identification.

4. A Liveness Test Is Carried Out

InCase then asks the client to perform 2 random actions to make sure there is an actual person undertaking the facial recognition.

5. Facial Recognition Undertaken

The very latest facial recognition software then compares the photos provided. Facial recognition software has been proven to be more accurate than human facial recognition.

6. Electronic Database Checks

The usual database checks are undertaken in addition to the facial recognition, document validation and NFC chip reading. This includes PEPs and International Sanctions.

7. Actual Proof of Funds Searched

Through the open banking regulations, we provide transactional history and account details from the client’s bank! No longer are you reliant on a copy of the clients bank statement to prove Proof of Funds considerations. Bank statements are extremely easy to alter, that’s why having the data come directly from the bank ensures the highest level of accuracy.

8. Report Sent to Lawyer

All of the above is then included in a report that is sent to the lawyer - all normally within a couple of seconds!


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