App integration with
case management systems


Are you thinking about updating or changing your case management system (CMS) but concerned about the cost and disruption?

If your firm’s current CMS limits interactions with your clients and contributes to inefficiency, a solution is available.

The inCase mobile app integrates fully with your existing CMS, without the financial outlay or delays of implementing a new system. This means your lawyers don’t have to do anything more to access the platform’s benefits, including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Push notifications
  • Document exchange
  • Direct process updates

You’ll also save money by not needing to buy software to modernise your client service offering. Plus, even if you were to change your CMS provider at a later date, inCase’s flexibility means it will work just as well with your new system.

So, not only does inCase significantly extend the the lifespan of your current CMS, it also saves you money in the longer term.

All the benefits, zero disruption

On average, integration takes a couple of days – but this is accomplished with no downtime to your CMS (or other systems) whatsoever.

By updating your existing systems, we save your firm money – not just by avoiding a CMS replacement but also via reduced phone and postage costs.

Ultimately, inCase provides the benefits of two-way, real-time and instant communication, without any the requirement for any development work.


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