5 More Bizarre Court Cases

Posted September 14th, 2018 by inCase Web Team

Last Friday we published 5 of the most bizarre court cases that we have encountered. We’re back this week with another 5 strange cases, starting with a man who frivolously (but comically!) sued the makers of Budweiser for false advertising.



1 ) Man sues Anheuser-Busch for misleading ads – thought he would attract women if he drank Budweiser!

205 Mich. App. 259 (1994)

517 N.W.2d 308


In 1991, an American named Richard Overton filed a lawsuit for $10,000 against Anheuser-Busch, the creators of Budweiser.


His complaint related to misleading advertisements – Overton claimed that he had suffered emotional distress and financial loss as drinking Budweiser failed to conjure the setting of beautiful beaches filled with beautiful woman that he had seen in their adverts!


He claimed that he believed men would experience ‘endless and unrestricted merriment’ as a result of drinking Budweiser but that this hadn’t facilitated.

The case was thrown out of court.

2 ) “Fosters isn’t Australian?!”

246 F.Supp.3d 666 (2017)

Leif NELSON, Plaintiff, v. MILLERCOORS, LLC and MillerCoors Oil Can Breweries, Defendants

In 2015, 37 year old Fosters fanatic Leif Nelson filed a lawsuit against Fosters, based on the fact that their beer isn’t brewed in Australia. Mr Nelson, from New York, was distraught to find that the beer is actually brewed in Texas, USA.

Incensed, Nelson claimed that using marketing slogans such as ‘Fosters- Australian for Beer’ and ‘ How to Speak Australian’ were intended to dupe people into believing the beer was Australian, allowing them to sell the beer at a higher place.

He also claimed that using a kangaroo, the Southern Cross constellation and the flag of Australia on packaging added to the façade.

The case was thrown out but strangely, Nelson claimed he was satisfied with the product and would continue drinking it if the labels were corrected!

3 ) Man jumps into killer whale tank, dies – parents sue over his death!


When the body of a 27 year old man was found floating in a SeaWorld Orca tank in July 1999, you would’ve been forgiven for assuming a lawsuit would not be far away.

However what makes this case remarkable is that the parents of the deceased man, Daniel Dukes, sued SeaWorld(also owned by Anheuser-Busch) for over $2 million in the face of overwhelming evidence against their son.

It was well known that it was a lifelong ambition of Daniel’s to swim with orcas, and his tragic death occurred after he eluded security at SeaWorld closing time and entered the whale tank.

His cause of death was hypothermia, leading to drowning although there were post-mortem whale bite marks on the body.

The family argued that there were no signs warning of the dangers of swimming with Orcas, but on their solicitors’ advice dropped the case just weeks before it was set to go to trial.

After all, Daniel had been trespassing and the dangers of freezing cold water and killer whales were ruled to be widely known.

4 ) Ellen DeGeneres sued for calling woman named Titi Pierce, ‘Titty Pierce’ !


In February 2016, American TV star Ellen DeGeneres ran a segment on her show called ‘What’s Wrong With These Signs?’ featuring an advertisement for a female Georgia estate agent called ‘Titi Pierce’.

Ellen pronounced the name as you would the slang name for a woman’s breast, therefore turning her full name into a bit of a joke.

Furious, Titi filed a lawsuit against Ellen, claiming her name was pronounced ‘Tee Tee’ and claimed that nobody had ever pronounced her name wrong before. She also claimed Ellen had failed to blur out any of her personal details during the segment and that she had received abusive messages and calls whilst she was at the funeral of a family friend.

Pierce claimed on the basis of ‘suffering national humiliation’ and said that she has been ‘mocked ever since’.

Ruling that it was not obvious that the name ‘Titi’ was not pronounced in such a way, the Judge threw the case was thrown out of court.

5 ) Israeli woman sues weatherman for getting weather wrong!

This one sounds too good to be true, but not only is it true, it won!

A woman from Haifa,Israel was awarded $1000 in a small claims court after successfully suing Israeli TV channel, Channel 2, and its weatherman, Danny Rup.

 Earlier that day, Rup had predicted a sunny day and with this knowledge, the woman in question dressed lightly and left her house. Not long after she had left her house she was caught in a storm, caught the flu and spent $38 on medication to recover.

 The rest of the money was for lost earnings and suffering, which were duly awarded. The weatherman even apologised!

With many arguing a dangerous precedent had been set, this story caused a scandal in Israel.

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