Did you see the new iPhone 6 advert? No!

Posted October 4th, 2014 by inCase Web Team

Well that isn’t because you’ve not watched any TV recently. Nor is it because you’ve been on a desert island for the last few weeks. It’s not even because you don’t like Apple as they march towards global mobile domination!

Simply they didn’t have an advert! Can you believe it? No advertisement on TV, radio or press.

How powerful is Apple and their iPhone product if they don’t even need any form of traditional advertisement to achieve something like 10million units in the first 3 days of launch?

It’s really interesting that Apple decided not to have any advertisement this time around. It is a clear statement that Apple believe the power of social media is more valuable to them in generating awareness and sales that any form of traditional media.

Apple has become renowned for the launch of their products by unveiling them on stage in front of a room packed full of press and techies; giving out freebies for the leading independent technology review sites and then; letting articles and customer reviews go viral.

Social media is the new platform for driving awareness of products and services. It would be a mistake to think that a few posts on Facebook will make a difference. A well laid out strategy across all social media is where some real opportunities exist. Blend in a mobile app and you begin to create the “perfect storm” for success.

I’m not saying that you would have the same impact as the iPhone 6…the demand for knowledge about that product is huge but there are people out there that are looking for legal services that embrace social media and use all the technology available through their smartphone.

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