The BEST Lawyers in the UK use inCase – FACT!

Posted January 22nd, 2019 by inCase Web Team

Out of the top 4 law firms on Trustpilot, two of them have inCase!

Client experience and satisfaction are top priorities for our clients Fletcher Longstaff and Paschal O’Hare solicitors. It is therefore no coincidence that both firms have the inCase app for their clients to use. inCase means users can communicate directly with their lawyer, see the process in real time, complete questionnaires and exchange and sign documentation – all from their smartphone, tablet or PC.

Both these firms are a shining example of how technology can have a hugely positive impact on client satisfaction. Onboarding clients takes hours instead of days or weeks. Timelines come down and clients leave delighted as shown by the Trustpilot figures- and even better, can send links to their friends and family through the app boosting referrals.

The use of inCase also helps firms differentiate themselves apart from the competition, meaning more work and a more secure future.

Lincoln-based Fletcher Longstaff have scored a remarkable 9.9 rating from 418 reviews at the time of writing and offer the inCase Conveyancing app to their clients, which is fully integrated with their VisualFiles case management system.

Managing Director Adam Cheal commented:

“We desire to provide the best possible experience for our clients as we know how stressful buying or selling a home can be. inCase is a real complement to our services – it is always reassuring for customers to be able to check the status of their transaction in real time and the document signing feature can accelerate the process by weeks. We are incredibly proud of our Trustpilot rating and hope to maintain it for many years to come.”

Paschal O’Hare Solicitors have offices in Belfast and Carrickfergus and have also achieved a fantastic 9.9 rating from 241 reviews. Paschal O’Hare specialise in Personal Injury and their inCase app is fully integrated with their Proclaim case management system.

Principal Patrick O’Hare said:

“We’ve recognised long since my father first set up the practice in 1969 that technology was an important part of delivering our services. Having used inCase for nearly four years now we are delighted with the improvements we’ve seen in terms of our client satisfaction ratings and general practice efficiency. We take huge pride in delivering great customer service and our Trustpilot rating is great reflection of that.”

inCase Sales and Marketing Director Rob Hosier gave his thoughts:

“I’m absolutely delighted that our law firms are being recognised for the fantastic services that their companies provide. Adam and Patrick are both incredibly progressive thinkers and the fact that their firms are in the top percentile for the UK is no coincidence.

I truly believe, as lawyers, we have to look at how we modernise our offerings to clients. Technology is not just about internal efficiencies, it can have a hugely beneficial experience for your clients. That is why EVERY law firm that uses inCase, has improved their client satisfaction results.”



Fletcher Longstaff can be reached at or on 01522 581 080.


Paschal O’Hare Solicitors can be reached at or on 0800 020 9311.

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