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Give your clients better visibility of case progression and remove obstacles.

Manage your client expectations

Harness the power of data

Track results, login times, social shares and app downloads – then further tailor your service to suit client needs.

Enhanced communication

Client frustrations with frequent phonecalls are addressed – via regular updates and secure individual messaging, even out of office hours.

Straightforward integration

Our experts will ensure the inCase app will integrate seamlessly with your existing case management system.


Who we work with

We work with leading law firms to deliver enhanced client experiences by managing their expectations and putting them in control.

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Make it your own – branded

Customise completely to reflect your existing business branding.

Easy to install

Straightforward setup and full integration with your existing systems, handled by us without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Bespoke compatibility

Although inCase will integrate with your existing case management and IT systems straight away, it can be further adjusted to suit your specific business needs and goals.


A uniquely client focused app that removes the high costs of development and integration and works harder to build your brand.

Continual improvement

Ongoing development of the platform means increasing efficiency and further benefits for you and your clients.

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A platform for clients

Put your clients in control, with the benefits of 'self-service'.

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Make customer service your competitive advantage.
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