A platform that enhances client experiences via improved communication.

Strengthening the connection with your clients by supporting your case management services.


An easier way for your clients to check their case progress.

inCase is an innovative way to communicate with clients.

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Accessible and transparent – 24/7, anywhere in the world. Stay connected to your clients via clearer communication.

Faster communication

Digitally send and sign documents and instantly return them to your team without printing and posting.

Clearer understanding

Educating your clients to understand how your process works and progresses.

Always up-to-date

Documents and messages instantly delivered and returned to you and your clients, eliminating delays to progress. Instant visibility and understanding for all parties.


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Technological advances mean your clients expect results as soon as possible. inCase delivers them now.

Complete integration

The platform integrates seamlessly with your existing case management systems.

Built for lawyers, by lawyers

Developed by legal professionals that understand completely the technological and communication challenges faced by law firms every day.

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Improving client support via multiple channels and extended hours (don't worry about postal deadlines) – better service, with less complication.

More clients

Manage cases more easily and communicate faster, to expand your client base via better service.

Enhanced marketing

The sophisticated tech that powers this platform enables the app to be fully branded as 'yours' in-line with your existing corporate identity.

Fully integrated

The platform will not only integrate with your existing IT systems and case management protocols, it can also be tailored completely to incorporate powerful automation capability.

Complete customisation

The platform is 'self-sufficient' out of the box and can be altered to suit your bespoke business requirements then scaled up to meet demand.

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A platform for lawyers

A central communication platform, fully integrated into your case management system.

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A platform for clients

Instant updates and information for your clients, removing delays and frustration.

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Make customer service your competitive advantage.
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