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Who we are

Our mentality is as lawyers first of all and then as technology providers secondly. Our unique background means we know the difficulties and obstacles that lawyers face on a daily basis. Along with the pressures and desires business owners hold in running their firms. We also recognise that the legal sector is a little behind other industries in terms of its use of technology in meeting ever increasing client service expectations.

inCase was born to revolutionise the way, we as lawyers, interact with our clients. The sole focus of inCase is to greatly increase Client Satisfaction whilst providing large efficiencies to the lawyer.


Meet Our Team

The Senior Management Team at inCase are some of the best professionals in their respective disciplines. Together they have developed the inCase platform to be the revolutionary communication tool that you see today.


Our Senior Management Team:

Sucheet Amin

Sucheet (Such) has an extensive career in Legal Services. As a fully-qualified Solicitor and Managing Director of multi-award winning Personal Injury Firm Aequitas Legal, he is hugely experienced in the provision of legal services. Such used this experience to conceptualise inCase. Since inception, he has used his experience to keep driving the platform to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and customer service.


Rob Hosier
Sales and Marketing Director

Rob has over 10 years’ experience in the Conveyancing and general practice sectors. He has helped develop some of the largest Conveyancing Practices in the industry. He has also created some of the most progressive and intuitive technological systems available to the sector today. More recently Rob has been invited to undertake seminars/talks nationally on technology usage and digital marketing within the industry. His expertise has helped progress inCase into the dynamic leading application it is today.


Andrew  Kirkham

Andrew has to be one of the most experienced and successful technology leaders in the UK. He has helped many businesses push the boundaries of technology and use it to provide the very best client experiences and customer service. He was IT Director at, where he took it from start-up to Publicly Floated Company. Andrew drives the platform forward to use the latest innovations to propel a new wave of client service, whilst also improving efficiencies for legal firms.


Steven Goulding
Client Service Director

Steven is a fantastic asset to inCase. He manages to make every one of our clients feel supported and cared for. His own knowledge of legal businesses, Case Management Systems, customer service and our product is second to none. Steven is able to efficiently support clients through the initial integration phase and then continues to support them throughout their enjoyment of inCase.

Our Story

Sucheet Amin, CEO of Lavatech and the inCase platform, is also the MD of award-winning private injury firm Aequitas Legal and a former president of Manchester Law Society. Sucheet’s efforts to develop a modern solution to handle clients’ ever-changing needs and to improve law firm efficiencies, came to a head during early 2012.

‘It was a literal lightbulb moment – I was just sat on a train to visit family when it occurred to me that a mobile app could improve the communication and interaction between Lawyers and their clients. Using such a platform would also provide huge efficiencies for the firms.’

As an avid technologist, Sucheet set down some notes, the basic structure/functionality and during the course of one train journey, inCase was born.

Since then, the inCase platform has continually improved client satisfaction rates and made law firms become more cost effective in their service provision. It is now being used by some of the most progressive law firms in the UK, across a wide scope of legal disciplines.



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