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Why was inCase created?

In 2011, Aequitas Legal MD, Sucheet Amin, discovered his firm was spending a significant amount of time on non-productive phone and email correspondence with clients.

Following further discussions with the team, he concluded that on average, £222 a day – or £53,280 a year – was being lost in unrecoverable time that didn’t benefit the client.

With LASPO around the corner, Sucheet knew a solution was required to better meet client needs and use his team’s resources more cost effectively.

Extensive customer research identified four key areas that clients prioritised most highly from their law firm:

  • Speed of case progression
  • Up-to-date information on case status and developments
  • Education about the claims process
  • Use of technology to deliver services

Armed with these insights (and determined to reduce the number of needless phonecalls and emails), Sucheet considered how this information could be used positively.

Following months of design and development work, plus thousands of pounds of investment, the result was inCase – an unrivalled client service platform.

Advantages of inCase

Soon after being integrated with Proclaim – Aequitas Legal’s existing case management system – inCase began to deliver staggering results.

By educating clients on the facts of their cases, the app ensured they had an understanding of the process before each time they talked to their case handler.

Further client benefits included the facility to access case information during out-of-office hours, with some sessions occurring during the early hours.

Push notifications enabled greater efficiency, with solicitors able to deliver instant messages without waiting for a client to check their email or receive post.

Increased client satisfaction

As inCase incorporates direct links to social media and allows clients to continually review the service they receive from their solicitor, user feedback was fast and forthcoming.

Client satisfaction levels went through the roof and – following refinement of user journeys, colour schemes and user interface – Sucheet knew he had something that could benefit all law firms.

Further development work enabled better reporting and the ability to track client engagement, while the automated update and messaging facility was also improved.

The unprecedented results generated by inCase and the numerous awards won underline its status as a truly revolutionary product.


Our story

MD of award-winning private injury firm Aequitas Legal, Sucheet Amin is a former president of Manchester Law Society.

His experience and understanding of the sector provided a distinct advantage in the development of the inCase app for law firms.

With an relentless enthusiasm for finding ways to enhance the client experience, the potential of technology was of particular interest to him.

Sucheet’s efforts to develop a solution to handle client needs and improve law firm productivity by eliminating unnecessary costs and correspondence came to a head during early 2012.

‘It was a literal lightbulb moment – I was just sat on a train to visit family when it occurred to me that a mobile app could manage all of these client expectations that were using so much resources as telephone and email enquiries every day.’

As an avid app user himself, Sucheet set down some notes and structure and functionality and during the course of one train journey, inCase was born.

Since then, his legal expertise, combined with an intuitive understanding of digital platforms, has led to revolutionary product that continues to be refined to improve the experience of law firm clients throughout the UK.




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