App Features

24/7 help for your clients at the touch of a screen.

Their case in the palm of their hand.

Android and iOS apps that enable continual communication and collaboration with your clients.

inCase Basic App

Our entry level product that sets the standards in client service and communication. Clients have control over case updates and benefit from the increased efficiency it provides for their lawyer.

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Your Branded App

The same great features as the basic version but we design and create your own app, using your branding.

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Bespoke App

Whatever you need, you are in the right place. We are the most experienced Legal App provider.


App features

Clear client benefits that improve communication, build trust and reduce stress.

Send secure messages and documents

Your clients no longer need to wait for the post and you no longer need to worry about the security of email. Messages are instantaneously sent and received through the inCase app. Your message can carry just the same attachments you would place in an email or send through the post. We use TLS encryption (same as banking industry) to provide security of all communications.

Electronic Signature

Every firm gets our secure digital signature feature as standard. Unlike other providers, we do not charge for every signature, it is all included in your license fee. 99% of all documents used by law firms can be digitally signed, including your onboarding documentation. Each electronic signature has EXACTLY the same legality as a wet signature. So why not speed up the process?

Push Notifications

Take back control of communication with your client. Instead of being reactive to clients, inCase lets you inform them of progress immediately, without doing anything more than the usual actions in your CMS – You are now one of the most proactive Lawyers in your sector!

Process Flows

Clients now know exactly what the process is and where they are in that process thanks to inCase and the process steps that are visible to them. Clients feel informed and no longer have to keep calling for updates. The best bit is, because of the inCase integration, your lawyers do not have to do anything to achieve this higher-level service.

Client Feedback

Clients are encouraged with inCase to provide feedback on the service they receive throughout their matter with you. This provides a unique way for your firm to manage client expectations. You take charge of client experience, no longer are you finding out at the end of a transaction how the client judges your service. This means you can alter clients service perception before it is too late.

ID, AML & KYC Checks

Our ID check is one of the best available. Your system can automatically request the client completes the ID check. We are the only provider who can use the NFC chip reader on both Android and Apple phones to read the cryptographically signed data on the passport chip. We then use the very latest facial recognition software to confirm a match on the ID photo compared to a live recording of the client. Lastly we are also able to provide proof of funds confirmation directly with the client's bank.

Form Completion

With inCase, you are able to send forms and questionnaires from your Case Management System to your client to complete on their phone. We have had initial forms completed within minutes!

Clients can send Photos and Documents directly to your CMS or Lawyer

Medical Reports, Pieces of Evidence, Property Guarantees or just Identification. All now sent within seconds of the request.


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