Fundamentally, there is no team more experienced than the integration specialists at inCase - WE GUARANTEE WE CAN INTEGRATE!

We have multiple methods and have not found a system in over 10 years that we cannot integrate with. We also offer a money back guarantee for integration. (Please ask for more details).

We have built security and encryption into the very fundamentals of inCase. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocol no matter how we integrate into your systems. This is the exact same cryptographic protocol as is used to secure your internet banking and e-commerce transactions.

How Much Does It Cost?


We guarantee to integrate into your CMS or your money back


Which Integration Option?

Scripted into CMS

Some Case Management Systems need to have scripts created to integrate inCase into their system. We have already created these and they are used thousands of times per day. We are highly experienced with these interrogations. We can also generally offer two way integrations and even the ability for data to go back into your CMS - Speak to us for details.


We are able to integrate with many systems through our Application Programming Interface (API) that can securely transfer data. We are also able to create middleware depending on the complexity of your CMS setup. Don't forget we will guarantee our level of integration before you ever sign a contract! Speak to us about your specific setup.

Email API Calls

We have also created an email-based integration capability, where we tag your precedent documents and messages and securely/automatically email the encrypted data to the inCase API.

Outlook Plugin

There maybe people in your environment that do not use the CMS or you may not actually have a CMS. We have an outlook plugin that creates a mini-CMS and provides all the features inCase offers. There is always an efficient and easy way to use your branded app, without having to log onto websites all the time.

Our Pricing

Every single one of our firms has had inCase successfully integrated into their existing CMS. We have undertaken integration with 99% of the available CMS providers.

We treat each firm as an individual and create an integration package specifically for you – which is all included in your fixed setup price AND GUARANTEED!

 inCase has integrated with EVERY major CMS including:
  • SOS
  • DPS
  • PLUS MANY MORE (Call For More Successful Integrations)



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