How much does inCase cost?

Here at inCase, we believe the most important aspect of the relationship we have with our law firms, is trust. Therefore, we want to be completely transparent to you about costs. You, the law firm have so much control around inCase that there are a lot of factors that will affect the cost, but we will try to explain them here…

The very short answer is that we would estimate the ongoing cost of having your own branded app would be £45 per license per month. Consequently, we haven’t seen a firm yet that doesn’t estimate to get about 50x that benefit back into your business – as in inCase will always generate you a lot more cash than it costs. To be honest, we are very proud of that fact and if we do not think we can generate you a lot more money than the cost, we would not let you sign the contract!

How much does inCase cost

What will drive the price up?

Each law firm that joins inCase has full control over what they want. For instance, you may want a fully integrated branded app with our quoting tool and 500 ID checks per month, or you may just want the basic inCase product to use through our Outlook Plugin. The important thing is that you are in control, and we will not ‘push’ you to have anything you don’t want or that we feel will not benefit you.

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What will drive price down?

We really have made it as cost effective as possible. If you went to an app developer, the app alone would cost you in excess of £500,000 and then the integration on top would be £20,000+. You could try the unbranded version of inCase to ‘prove the concept’ and then upgrade later. Or maybe start with one area of law and expand once you see the benefits coming in. Honestly, speak to our team who will provide you with a fair idea of the cost for you and the benefit you should receive for that cost.

So what does it all mean?

There are many factors which play a part in determining the costs involved. Some will increase the costs and some will decrease the costs. Other companies offering mobile app development services vary in price and there can be hidden costs to be aware of – We guarantee no hidden cost with inCase!

The main deciding factor in cost is what level of integration you want and whether you want your own branded version of inCase. This starts from £2,997 +VAT or you can have just our ID product using our great Outlook plugin – the choice is yours.

Then there are our monthly license fees that start at £45 per license per month (+VAT). These reflect the size of your business and how much work you will be putting through your app. BUT remember, on average it will look to save you over £50 per case! The best thing we can do is use our value calculator tool to see if having your own app will add value to your business - speak to us now for your very own free value calculation!

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