The Gateway

The Gateway is an online portal which provides
a 2-way communication between the Law Firm
and your chosen third party.

The platform allows the third party to view the ‘case progress’ and ‘milestones’ of the client’s case and be notified when a certain milestone has been completed.

It also allows all communications, documents, and messages to be sent securely from the third party to the Law Firm and vice-versa.

The third party can also manage cases in accordance with priority
and cases of importance they wish to ‘watch’.

All providing secure and easy communication between all parties, reducing the need to email or call.

The Gateway is used by the estate agent, introducer and developer.


Estate Agent





Other Third Party

Other Third Party
The Gateway & Admin Portal

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is the content management system for the clients app.

Within the Admin Portal the Law Firm can view analytics and data.

The portal also allows the Law Firm to edit the content pages within the app such as About Us, Privacy Policy, contact details etc.

In addition, the Law Firm can utilise the Questionnaire Builder within the portal which allows the firm to design & edit their own bespoke questionnaires, which can be sent to the app for the client to complete and sign.

The Gateway & Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is used to track the below stats


Created users

Client ratings

Client ratings

Login statistics

Login statistics

Email trails

Email trails

Sent messages

Sent messages

Created cases

Created cases

Paschal Ohare

“Internally, the app has freed up the solicitors’ time without reducing the standards of work. This means the clients that cannot use the app do not have to wait as long for an appointment with us. Essentially, inCase has benefited all clients, not just those who own a smartphone…”

Patrick O’Hare – Managing Partner, Paschal O’Hare Solicitors


“There are many benefits to the app, including improved efficiency internally and streamlined communication – but by far the biggest benefit is the enhancement to our customer service.”

Rachel Stow – MD, Thorneycroft Solicitors

Fletcher Longstaff

“Our main priority is to provide the best client experience throughout what can be a stressful time – buying or selling a house. This app does all that and more!”

Adam Cheal – MD, Fletcher Longstaff

Sweeney Miller Law

“Here at Sweeney Miller we understand that moving house can be an unnerving prospect and one of life’s more stressful experiences, so we take every step we can to ensure our clients are happy and informed throughout the process. inCase is the perfect solution taking our customer service to the next level.”

Paul Miller – Managing Partner, Sweeney Miller Law

Aequitas Legal

“Integration with our case management system was essential to avoid driving up operational costs within the firm. In fact, these have lowered, with the automated messages we are now able to send clients, updating them on their case within a split second.”

Sucheet Amin – MD, Aequitas Legal

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