Posted March 24th, 2020 by Rob Hosier

Hi All,

We know what it is like managing a law firm through challenging times and we want to do all we can to support any changes/difficulties you face. Additionally, what helped to keep us motivated last week, was the dedication of the legal industry and the motivation of lawyers to help our clients no matter what.

Consequently, the team at inCase have agreed to offer inCase for free to ANY firm. There is no sales tactic here, nor any obligation. We solely want to help you through these challenging circumstances.

Therefore, we are able to provide you with the inCase outlook plugin and you can communicate with your clients remotely through the inCase app. You can: securely communicate with each client, send/receive documents, clients can electronically sign whatever document you want, they can complete forms through the app and upload documents to you – all completely free.

We are aiming to get all your staff up and running within 24 hours and will support you for the duration of this challenge (until the 30th June at present).

If you would like to learn more or take me up on this offer, please get in contact.

As I said, this is completely free and there is no obligation at all. We are just focusing on helping any firm beat this fight! Our CEO has created a brief video to explain a little more. If you would like to discuss using inCase for free, please contact me directly.

Keep safe,

The inCase Team

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