inCase by Numbers: The Story So Far

Posted May 18th, 2016 by inCase Web Team

To an outsider, solicitors are often hard to get hold of. Too busy juggling a heavy case load, they unfortunately can seem distant and disinterested in a client’s case. A case which is of course their own sole-priority. It is no wonder that seemingly poor communication channels can leave someone who seeks counsel feeling neglected.

For you, fielding calls and communications from clients is something which slows down the whole process, even if initiated with the best of intentions. Another delay is caused by the time it takes to forward documents between each party and return them once reviewed and completed.

Whilst a mighty powerful tool, the solicitor’s letter and other documents could be even stronger once the element of time they take to deliver them is neutralised.

inCase gives you that power.

The Facts

  • Already having created close to 30,000 accounts, it’s the legal app which instantly connects solicitors and clients.
  • In only 4 years the legal app has been used to communicate 157,278 messages to its users. That is a minimum 157,278 phone calls or letters saved. This has saved an estimated £1.8M in overheads as call and email handling for updates has been massively reduced.
  • Making the transferring of documents for review effortless, the legal app also features a unique signature feature. Firm’s can forward documents to clients and they can be signed on a handheld device and instantly returned electronically.
  • Users love it too. Reporting an average user of 86% satisfaction rating, the legal app also has many benefits for Firms. Besides reducing administration task time, the app also features 3 custom built apps which can be branded to match the firm’s existing schemes.


Instead of investing time and capital developing your own case management app, inCase can appear as your own to your clients whilst offering you peace of mind with:


Continuous in-house technical support

Four years and counting of continuous development and improvement

The assurance you are using a 4 award winning app which was nominated for 4 more


See the journey so far: View the Infographic below (click to see hi-res version):

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