Signature Features

Posted October 27th, 2014 by inCase Web Team

Signature Feature

inCase™ is the first mobile application to allow law firms to send letters, documents and forms of authorities by PUSH messaging for clients to view, approve and sign where necessary.

The signature feature enhances security, functionality and effectiveness by removing the delay between getting vital information to clients and securing their instructions our signed authority to take the next step.

Using forms that require your client to choose an option? inCase™ has the ability to recognise these forms and add in a ‘step’ for your client to choose the required option using ‘radio-buttons’. This ensures clients no longer return forms without providing you with instructions, avoid unnecessary delay and cost.

Benefits of this breakthrough technology:

  • Remove the paper process saving operational costs
  • Reduce “lag-time” between sending information to a client and securing instructions
  • Clients have a digital record of all communications and signed forms held neatly within inCase™
  • Security is assured by requiring clients to sign in their own hand using touch-screen technology
  • Simplicity of use for both the client and the law firm employees










“inCase has achieved exactly what we wanted from an app. It has given us a real USP and allowed us to use leading technology to provide tangible and measureable benefits both internally within the business but also externally to our customers.

There are many benefits to the app, including improved efficiency internally and streamlined communication, but by far the biggest benefit is the enhancement to our customer service.”

-Rachel Stow, Managing Director, Thorneycroft Solicitors

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