Specialist legal mobile app provider surpasses 1 million user logins

Posted October 4th, 2019 by Rob Hosier

The leading communication platform for the legal sector, inCase has now surpassed 1 million unique user sessions since it first launched back in 2014.

inCase Legal App

Starting as a platform for the personal injury sector to manage client communications more efficiently without compromising service in the face of the Jackson Reforms 2013, inCase has grown to a platform serving multiple sectors, including the competitive conveyancing market.

The brainchild of a solicitor who saw a lack of technology available to serve clients in his own law firm through a mobile app, Sucheet Amin embarked on developing inCase to deliver information, updates and documents back in 2012. Learning from experiences and results in his own firm, he enhanced the solution to offer the platform to the wider legal community focusing on client experience, key features and integration with case management systems.

The company has now helped firms across the industry to serve hundreds of thousands of clients, with today’s active users topping 110,000. Firms using inCase, including two Top 100 firms cite client service and offering a secure platform for all client communications, including document signing, form filling and real-time feedback as the key reasons for choosing the mobile app specialists.

When it comes to client service, the platform has increased every firm’s satisfaction ratings via its unique 5 star rating facility. Firms across the spectrum average 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars for service.

Founder and CEO Sucheet puts the success down to a combination of recognising the company serves two clients. The first being the law firm and ensuring that a clear understanding in their needs is understood and accommodated. Helping to support a firm introducing the technology is vital to ensure success. The second is the firm’s client or end user themselves. Making sure the app meets their expectations and user experience to help them manage their legal issue completely is just as important.

Sucheet also credits his incredible team that have helped to make inCase the leading mobile app developer for the legal sector with a host of awards under its belt.

With a new platform having been released in recent months, inCase can serve any business looking to communicate with their clients/consumers efficiently without sacrificing service.

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