The clock is ticking for legal firms to embrace technology

Posted October 17th, 2018 by inCase Web Team

Law firms are well aware that technology must be embraced to cope with client needs and to help meet their full growth potential but there’s still a minimal amount of firms who have taken the plunge and embraced all that new technology has to offer.

There are countless legal firms which still haven’t realised the benefits to be had by embracing the latest technological advances that are readily available to them.

It’s a concern when there’s a number of legal professionals that have regularly cited enhancing operational efficiencies as the main priority within their law firm.

Within the legal sector, there’s plenty of rules and regulations in place, which means that lawyers can spend days at a time completing countless admin tasks, rather than adding necessary value to both their clients and the company as a whole.

Embracing new technology used to complete these tasks is now vital to the future success of these businesses and it’s something that needs embracing sooner rather than later

A recent survey which looked at challenges facing the legal sector has shown that 74 percent of legal firms have the intention of investing in new technology to address business and IT challenges over the next two years.

The government’s recent announcement regarding the pushback of the injury restrictions deadline has given law firms a longer timeframe to prepare themselves for these changes but it’s time that has to be used wisely.

When bringing in new technology, a necessity for law firms is for it to be able to integrate properly with their existing case management system and doing this with ease is an area in which inCase has a proven track record.

In July 2018, inCase had more customers log into the platform than ever before, with over 30,000 recorded sessions.

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