The Online Age: A new ’24 Hours’

Posted June 3rd, 2019 by inCase Web Team

When we hear the phrase ’24 hours’,we immediately associate it with the number of hours in a day. But there is a new meaning to the phrase, an epitome of the rapidly advancing world that we inhabit. For as revealed in the Ofcom Annual Plan 2019/20, the average UK adult is spending 24 hours ONLINE every WEEK – more than double the average time spent online in 2007.

This is the age of convenience. Mobile handsets are now by far the most commonly used device for accessing the Internet and people want traditional services to be accessible on their phones too. Not only this, but the fastest and most efficient way to use the services of Sky, Instagram, Twitter, Barclays etc is with a native smartphone app. Most common services have evolved from emphasis on fantastic in-store service and face-to-face sales to purpose-built apps allowing the user to make informed purchases without consulting a real human being.

It is the same story in the legal sector, but firms are running out of time. A year ago, an app might have been a key factor in a client’s decision to instruct a firm. Now, the opposite can be said. Mobile apps are so commonplace and widely expected that NOT having an app is now the key factor. If you are managing your bank account, heating controls and property security from your phone, why shouldn’t you be able to manage your legal affairs from your phone too?

With inCase you could have a branded company app set up in as little as 2 months for your clients to receive information and advice as well as sign documents and questionnaires- all sent from your existing CMS!

The Ofcom report shows a 7% increase in time spent online per UK adult since last year, this is not just a ‘phase’ – what are you waiting for?

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