Why Conveyancers need to offer a client app

Posted April 5th, 2019 by inCase Web Team

Why Conveyancers need to offer a client app

First it was the newspapers, more recently it was banking. Major industries are wising up to the fact that consumers desire a mobile option. The hyper-accessibility of the smartphone means that the morning news is just a swipe away, our finances just a click away. The majority of people no longer want to have to walk to the local newsagent to get the news, people don’t want to travel to the bank to deposit their cheques. Frankly, legal advice is no different – people want it on their smartphones.

Efficiency, quality service and affordability are the three main criteria that people consider when choosing a Conveyancer. However what defines quality service in Law has changed. People are now used to receiving a quick response and having information immediately accessible. In a country where 96% of adults have access to a smartphone, it is remarkable that in the Ofcom Communications Market Report 2018 it shows that the average number of voice calls and SMS messages fell, yet instant messaging services such as WhatsApp grew rapidly. Your clients are no longer content to communicate by email or phone for an update because you can bet that if you’re not offering a mobile app, another firm will be. This is the era of instant.

With that in mind, it is no wonder that the demand for legal apps is at an all-time high. The inCase app allows your firm to create your own customised process flows to keep clients informed, as well as providing push notifications whenever their case is updated. They can also fill out questionnaires and sign and return documents instantly through the app, allowing the customer to feel secure knowing that they’ve done all they can to progress their transaction. Not only that but it cuts out the need for clients to waste your solicitors’ time on the phones – knowing notifications will alert them to updates, the client waits for you to contact them.

A common mistake that law firms make when considering apps is the assumption that with an app comes great cost. Savings on materials alone have superseded the cost of the app for some of our clients, and we provide flexible pricing plans on a license basis.

You are just a step away from greater quality client service, greater fee earner efficiency and greater profits.

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