Why do we need Digital in the Conveyancing industry?

Posted December 10th, 2018 by inCase Web Team

Familiar with seemingly endless audit trails, conveyancers are in need of a way to streamline the house buying process. This would not only improve productivity but gain a better reputation and increase customer satisfaction. If only it was that simple! The conveyancing process has been historically complex and requires the attention of a legal professional who’s caseload may already be difficult to manage. This can and should be aided by new technology which appears to be assisting every other industry.

Consequently, the conveyancing sector has been late in technological adoption. Property Week’s recent survey found that 61% of respondents thought technology could have a positive effect on the home buying process. Correlating findings were discussed in Lawyer Monthly. They found that two thirds (62%) of respondents identified technology investment was one of their biggest opportunities over the next two to three years and 54% agreed that it could help enhance client experience .

Since the Land Registry released a consultation paper looking to speed up the conveyancing process in February 2017, the industries mindset has started to change. Government initiatives like Digital Street, show small steps in the right direction, but the challenge remains the same. How do we increase efficiency and improve client experience?

Connecting the dots between Digital Street and the conveyancing firms is inCase, a legal application that allows you to send legal documents, track case progress, send tracked messages to clients, sign documentation and send images of evidence/documents within a few simple clicks. As the client is kept in the loop throughout the whole process there’s less time spent on the phones answering case update questions and more time, well exchanging contracts!

Rachel Stow, the Managing Director of Thorneycroft Solicitors commented:

“There are many benefits to the inCase app, including improved efficiency internally and streamlined communication – but by far the biggest benefit is the enhancement to our customer service.”

Rob Hosier, the Sales and Marketing Director of inCase said:

“It is vital that conveyancing firms make use of technology to improve the speed in which they respond to customers. This will not only impact productivity but customer service and in turn reputation.”

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